Greenleaf Mulch

How to use mulch?

Mulch applied in the landscape can be add a look of elegance and quality but if the right mulch is not selected or misapplied its long-term consequence can have expensive results to the property owner. Greenleaf Mulch was designed and made to help plants grow and flourish.  

Types of Mulch

There are many kinds of mulch available on the market today but really matters is the mulch being used will it help the trees, shrubs and landscape plants grow and flourish. The mulch selected should be well decomposed for at least 9-12 months prior to being used and be a material that is biodegradable. The purpose of mulch beyond it looks is to decompose and rebuild the soil.  As the mulch breaks down it releases organic forms of nutrients to plant roots and helps reduce moisture loss to the soil. Greenleaf Mulch is attractive to look at and helps plants grow and flourish!

Mulch depth and placement

  • When getting ready to applying Greenleaf mulch hook or stir the old existing mulch prior to applying new mulch.  If the depth of existing mulch is greater than 3" in depth, you may not need much mulch to apply over top.
  • Apply Greenleaf Mulch combined with the existing mulch to the total depth of no greater than 3-3.5".
  • After the new  Greenleaf Mulch has been spread evenly the bed should be watered in with water.  it should be applied to the amount of 1/2" per square foot of bed space.  This is done to ensure the good microorganisms are left intake, they will continue to provide the release of organic forms of nutrients to the tree and plants near by.
  • NEVER NEVER NEVER place Greenleaf Mulch against tree or plant stems and NEVER NEVER NEVER pile it against tree trunks.  If this occurs you will place that plant in jeopardy.  
How Much Mulch do I need?