Greenleaf Mulch



Greenleaf Mulch is made from local landscape waste by product.  Our mulch is made from local trees removed and compostED.  Our mulch is designed to rebuild soils and create a better growing soil media. 

Our product does NOT ground up pallets and then dyed, what we sell is 100% local trees and leaf compost.

 Greenleaf Mulch is specifically designed to rebuild the soil in the landscape.  Greenleaf Mulch is a total sustainable product made from yard waste products in Southwestern Ohio.  It unique composted blend will provide the landscape a great look, but will intern create a healthy soil and vigorous growing plants.


When you choose Greenleaf Mulch you are choosing a product that looks great but is good for the landscapes health.  By increasing the organic matter level of the soil you will increase growth and vigor of your landscape.